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Meet Rachel

(that's a pic of me and Melody, Dinie's Kelly doll...neat, huh?)

Hi! I'm the original Rachel, creator of Barbieville.

All the Barbies that live in Barbieville belong to me, and I wrote this whole page. All the Barbies in Barbie Creek belong to my friend Dinie. All the Barbies in Mount Barbie belong to my other freind Angel. We all collect Barbies and also like to play with them. Dinie has way more Barbies than me, and she's even got a whole bunch still in their boxes! Anyway... here's a little about me!
Name: Rachel
Favorite Color: purple
Pets: Simba the cat
Favorite Drink: Surge (but, alas, Surge is no more) so, Mello Yello
Favorite Band: Marillion
Favorite animal: cats
When I grow up.... I'm gonna be a writer and actress!
Age: 21
My Favorite Class: Poetry Writing
Last words: Jesus Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!