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Here we are in Barbieville!

Hi! I'm Rachel, and this is where I live. You are now in Barbieville, the hometown of me and many of my friends. You can meet us all and share in our adventures, or read the Dream Book and find out about other people who have visited Barbieville. Also don't forget to visit Barbie Creek and Mount Barbie! Now I'll let Fae tell you more.

Hi! I'm Fae, and I live here in Barbieville too! Rachel and I are neighbors and good friends. Do you believe in faeries? I didn't, until I went on the wildest adventure of my life! You can read about it and other fantasy stories here in Barbieville. Do you like poetry? Well, check out Barbieville's very own Poetry Magazine. You can even write your own poems! Do you like art? Well there's good news for you! Barbieville's got a museum full of beautiful art and history. You can donate your artwork to the museum, and get listed as a benefactor.

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